3 Best Staycation Destinations in Orange County


Lose the travel anxiety and stress of typical vacations and enjoy these wonderful, close-to-home destinations

Vacations aren’t always the epitome of relaxation that you want them to be. There’s the travel stress, airport security, hotels, language barriers, expenses, and much more that can keep you from actually enjoying your time away from your daily routine. 

One great way to avoid all the hassle of a destination vacation is to spend your time off at home with a staycation. Not having to cough up a large amount of money for a hotel or stress about travel makes staycations a growing trend—and there is no better place to enjoy a staycation than right here near your own piece of Newport Beach real estate. If you’re thinking of relaxing on the home front during your next time off, here are the three best staycation destinations in Orange County.

South Coast Plaza

Treat yourself to a shopping spree at South Coast Plaza. This incredible open-air mall recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, boasting 250 boutique stores stocked full of high-end brands as well as 30 amazing restaurants. From high-end brands like Chanel and Versace to fine dining at The Capital Grille and Morton’s The Steakhouse, a day of pampering isn’t hard when you pay a visit to this retail hub.

Surf City USA

Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City USA, is an amazing place to spend a day. Soak in the Southern California sun as you stroll down the beach or take in an amazing sunset from the Huntington Beach Pier. The almost 2,000-foot pier is the longest on the west coast and a great place for photos. One great thing about a staycation is that you don’t have to leave your pets behind, so take your dog along while you visit Surf City—it’s one of the only dog-friendly beaches in the area.

Catalina Island

Whatever you’re into, Catalina Island has it. Be it an adventure, relaxation, quality food, and drink, or a day on the beach, this slice of paradise located just off the Southern California coast is the perfect place to visit during your staycation. You can try ziplining or go on a land expedition, see dolphins, whales, and other sea life, or try your luck at the casino. Whatever it is you want to do, you can probably find it on Catalina Island—all just 22 miles from the Southern California coast.

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