4 Best Whale Watching Excursions Near Corona del Mar


From relaxed outings to thrilling adventures, explore the four best whale watching excursions in the Corona del Mar area

There’s no better place to spend a summer day than out on the waves, and in Corona del Mar, there are endless options for fun in the sun. One great way to enjoy the nice weather is to get out and explore the local marine life. If you’re ready for an aquatic adventure, consider these four incredible whale-watching excursions. 

1. Newport Landing Whale Watching

If you like clear blue seas and cloudless skies, Newport Beach is the place to be. With a protected marine park, Newport Landing Whale Watching caters to ocean fanatics. See giant blue whales–some grow up to 82 feet long–and other species of whales and dolphins as soon as you set off the dock. The whales love Newport Beach and make it a typical spot during their migration, which means that these tours are offered year-round.

2. Davey’s Locker

Newport Landing’s sister company invites you to explore new depths. Davey’s Locker whale watching and sport fishing activities serve both novice and experienced adventurers. Spend the day deep-sea fishing for barracuda and mackerel without worrying about a thing--their seasoned crew provides all the tools and expertise you need to enjoy a day at sea. Whether choosing a half-day, full day, or even an overnight excursion, Davey’s Locker fosters encouraging, enjoyable fishing trips regardless of prior experience. 

If you prefer an afternoon with the world’s largest mammals, consider one of their renowned whale watching cruises. No matter what time of year it is, Orange County hosts a variety of long-term residents, from gray whales to humpbacks and more!

3. Newport Coastal Adventure

Are you craving the sea wind? Ready for a high-speed adventure right in the heart of the action? Try Newport Coastal Adventure, where group sizes are specifically controlled to no more than six per ride in order to ensure an unforgettable experience. If you’re a wildlife photographer or adrenaline addict, this is the cruise for you. Their boats inch close to 30 miles per hour, all while allowing passengers to safely observe from the front of the vessel. 

Create an ocean of memories while darting across the Pacific. Blue whales, bottlenose dolphins, and other marine life will be within reach during your trip with Newport Coastal Adventure. 

4. East Meets West Excursions

What more could you ask for than two hours at sea, face-to-face with some of the earth’s most incredible creatures? With East Meets West Excursions, you’ll enjoy exactly that. It’s not uncommon to see hundreds of bottlenose dolphins during a single trip out to sea!

East Meets West Excursions focuses on satisfaction. Their cruises guarantee a small passenger load, making it a family-friendly event. Their boats are quiet, so you won’t disrupt the animals during their natural migration path, and each cruise is customized with state-of-the-art amenities to provide the best possible experience. 

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a casual viewer, there is a whale-watching excursion near Corona del Mar that suits your needs. 



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