4 Family-Friendly Activities in Newport Beach


These four family-friendly activities in Newport Beach are a blast for kids of all ages.

Newport Beach, California is an ideal place for families. The warm weather, stunning landscape, and beautiful beaches make it an outdoor playground for people of all ages. Recreational activities are plentiful, and many involve the water. Kayaking and boating are favorite pastimes, as are sightseeing, shopping, and strolling down the pier. 

Grab the kids, a picnic lunch, and your beloved furry friend and head to Newport Beach to make some wonderful memories. Here are four family-friendly activities you’re bound to enjoy.

Whale Watching

There is nothing like the thrill of watching a 10-ton whale breach, tail wag, or spy-hop just meters away from your boat! The giant splash, their loud puff of breath, and their playfulness are unforgettable! Newport Beach California is a whale-watching paradise. Grey whales, mighty humpbacks, minkes, and even blue whales--the largest whale on the planet--might make an appearance. Blue whales can grow up to an astounding 200 tons! You’ll probably see plenty of sea lions and dolphins on the tour as well. Boats run year round, and it’s a great way to learn more about marine animals while taking in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

Balboa Fun Zone

Take a short ferry ride to the Balboa Peninsula, and enjoy one of Southern California’s most cherished amusement parks, Balboa Fun Zone. Ride the giant Ferris Wheel, try your luck in the arcade, and stroll through the Nautical Museum. It’s a perfect day trip for the whole family.

The Pirate House

Younger kids will get a kick out of the quirky and entertaining Pirate House. Features include colorful pirate statues, a mini Statue of Liberty, and a huge chicken! Snap some playful pictures with the kids and imagine life at sea.

Kite Flying on Your Favorite Beach

Kite flying is a fun activity for the entire family. Whether you build your own kite, buy one near the pier, or have an old favorite tucked away in a closet at your house, you’ll be delighted as it soars into the sky and dances in the cool ocean breeze. There is something about kite flying that engages your senses and makes you feel excited and tranquil all at once.

Newport Beach may be right in our backyard, but it’s also a bucket-list destination for tourists around the world. We are lucky to have such pristine beauty and fun-filled family activities just around the corner. Find Orange County real estate and Newport Beach real estate with Valia OC. 


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