4 Interior Design Trends We’re Keeping an Eye on for 2019


Keep these design trends in mind as 2019 approaches.

Decorating your home is an art. You want your home to have a comfortable and inviting feel, to exemplify your personality and style, and to be inspiring. Keeping up with the latest interior design trends can be a great way to add a little flair to your home and keep it feeling fresh. Here are a few trends we’re keeping our eye on: 

Terrazzo Surfaces and Decorative Extras

Terrazzo was popular in the 1920s, and it's making a comeback. Today’s terrazzo is an environmentally friendly material with extraordinary design potential, durability, and low maintenance. The various marble, quartz, granite and class remnants of different sizes and colors make each terrazzo design unique. Terrazzo is the most economical flooring material available with such a long life cycle. Incorporate this design element into floors, countertops, and other decorative items such as lamps, artwork, and tables. 

Curved Furnishings

A subtle yet important part of style is curves and lines. More and more, you will see curves in furniture design. This type of furniture was a favorite in the 60s but went to the wayside in favor of straight lines. Modern design incorporates expected straight lines so that these curved furniture pieces will add some playful change and class to any room. Whether it's a curved lounger, couch, or chair, this soft yet classy furniture changes the look of a room.

Trendy Materials and Finishes

Recycled and eco-friendly materials are both in right now. Natural materials such as bamboo fiber, bamboo hardwood, cork, and recycled glass are starting to be featured in interiors more and more. These renewable materials are green and eco-friendly but also durable and classy. Other materials such as hemp, cozy flannels, and velvets bring in different textures to improve any room’s feel.

Multi-functional and Compact Furniture

Whether you’re talking about nesting tables, sofa beds, butterfly tables, drop-leaf tables, or lift-top coffee tables, these pieces are both functional and fashionable. Turn a living room into a computer room with a lift-top coffee table, change a space by un-nesting the three nesting tables for entertaining, and create an extra bedroom with your sofa bed. Compact furniture such as stools or barely-there side tables help create space and design elements in small rooms.

Brought to us by well-known designers and highly-regarded magazines, these four 2019 design trends can spruce up the interior of any home. Keep an eye out and incorporate these to add a little spunk to your spaces. 



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