4 Meals to Make as a Family


Get a little more hands-on in the kitchen with your family and share the cooking!

Whether you’re looking for ways to add family bonding time to your schedule or you’re trying to keep everyone entertained while they’re home from school, cooking as a family is a great way to spend time with the ones you love most. From sweet treats to sumptuous dinners, we’ve gathered some yummy meals to make with your family.

Inside Out Pancakes

Make breakfast even more fun with this sweet and simple twist on a classic breakfast staple. Cooking Light offers an excellent recipe for inside-out pancakes that includes stuffing the pancake batter with all kinds of delicious ingredients, from brown sugar to toasted pine nuts. 

Feel free to swap ingredients for healthier options, such as using whole-wheat flour in your batter. After cooking, make a platter of assorted toppings for your family to decorate their pancakes. 

Skillet Taco Pizza

Combine two kid-favorite dishes—taco and pizza—into one tasty meal with this easy recipe from Food Network. While you may want to leave all handling of the hot skillet and oven to the adults, younger members of the family will likely be happy to pitch in on the toppings. 

It's super easy to customize the recipe too—swap out the beef for different meat or skip the meat altogether. You could even add different veggies, spices, or mix and match cheeses.

Vegetarian Lasagna

For a meatless option or maybe want to try a slightly healthier recipe for lasagna. There are countless recipes for vegetarian lasagna, but this one from Good Housekeeping is one of our favorites. 

Combine spinach and broccoli alongside multiple layers of ooey-gooey cheesy goodness for a slice of heaven. You can make homemade red sauce or simply choose your favorite store-bought brand! The best part is this recipe makes a big batch so freeze it, store it, and have it for lunch the next day!

Dirt Cake

Dirt cake is a famous kid's dessert and a lot of fun to make. Plus, it's incredibly easy to whip up. All you need are Oreo cookies, instant vanilla pudding mix, bittersweet chocolate, lots of gummy worms, and your basics like sugar, butter, and milk. 

This recipe from Delish is super simple. If you prefer to go for the classic "Dirt Dessert," you can skip making a cake and instead add the ingredients to individual plastic cups to make it look like a real terrarium. Kids will enjoy adding the worms, and you can introduce other fun gummy insects, too!

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