5 Ways to Get Active in Newport Beach (Even During Quarantine)


The gyms might be closed, but that doesn’t mean your workouts have to suffer throughout the duration of COVID-19. Explore these five ways to get your body moving in your own home.

Staying active is an important way to keep your mind and body healthy, all the while abiding by social distancing protocols. Here are five ways for you to stay active during quarantine while remaining safe in your Newport Beach home.

1. Talk a walk outside 

You can still take a walk or go for a jog outside as long as you practice social distancing by maintaining six feet of distance when passing others. It is also recommended that you wear a face mask while going outside for your exercise.

2. House walking 

Simply put, house walking is walking around your house whatever chance you have. This might be when you are brushing your teeth, taking a phone call, or even scrolling through the internet on your phone. It’s a good goal to aim for roughly 10,000 steps a day, and walking around the house whenever possible will help you achieve this goal. Although it might not seem as though it makes a significant difference, walking has many health benefits, including reducing the chance of heart disease, obesity, and depression.

3. Utilize an online exercise class 

Even if you don’t have the equipment or the option to go to a gym right now, you don’t have to get behind in your workouts! Whether you are looking to relax during yoga, have a high-intensity HIIT workout, or strength train. There is a myriad of studios that are putting their classes online for free to help people stay active during this time. For instance, Planet Fitness has free daily classes at 7 PM ET on its Facebook Live page, and OrangeTheory is uploading daily home workout routines to help you stay fit.

4. Take short breaks throughout the day

Whether it’s doing an online workout over your lunch break, pausing to dance with your kids, or making time to stretch, taking breaks throughout the day will help change up your routine. Taking short, active breaks will also help prevent your body from becoming stiff.

5. Yoga 

Yoga has been shown to improve a person’s mental well-being by reducing stress and increasing energy. It also has numerous physical benefits such as increased flexibility, reduced blood pressure, and reduced insomnia, according to Dr. Nevins, a doctor of osteopathic medicine. Down Dog has made its yoga classes available for free until May 15th. All it takes is downloading the app. 

Even during this challenging time, there are a plethora of great ways to get your blood pumping. What’s your favorite way to get moving?

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