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The founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard once said, “How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top” which may be true in many situations; Orange County is known for its views. We are fortunate to have such extensive and beautiful coastlines along with outdoor trails to explore. Whether you are a big outdoor enthusiast or just want to find an easy trail to walk on, Orange County has something for everyone.

Crystal Cove

One of the most popular state parks in Southern California is Crystal Cove. Located a couple of miles south of Valia Properties, Crystal Cove boasts a wide variety of cliff-lined trails. There are 18 miles of trails, ranging from beginner to intermediate hikes. You can either choose to stay up on the hill with a 180-degree view of the West Coast or head down to the beach to explore the tidepools. Crystal Cove is a very popular set of trails for people of all ages.

Top of the World

Want an incredible view of Orange County and the coast? Head up to Top of the World. Located in Laguna Beach, drive up the windy road to the top peak of the town. This 2.4 mile in and out hike offers trails with amazing 360-degree views of Orange County. You are able to see all the way down to San Juan Capistrano and all the way up to Los Angeles, with views of Catalina Island as well. Top of the World is also one of the few hikes in Orange County that is dog friendly.

Back Bay Loop

This loop is more of a walk than a hike, yet still strenuous if you choose to do the whole thing. A 10.5-mile trail surrounding Back Bay offers lots of scenic views, from wildlife to the cove. Walkers, runners, and cyclists enjoy spending time at the Back Bay loop because of the paved path. Head over to the Back Bay Loop if you’re looking for a flat walk with some great scenery.

Buck Gully Trail

One of the most popular local hikes in Corona del Mar, Buck Gully Trail offers an easy hike fit for all skill levels. Highlighted is the river that flows down the middle of the hike, giving off a feeling of serenity. This hike is a 4.4 mile, in and out, primarily used for walking, running, or mountain biking. If you are looking to stay local yet still feel like you are getting out of the city, go ahead and check out the Buck Gully Trail.

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