Community Spotlight: House Organized

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Community Spotlight: House Organized

In a world that often feels chaotic and overwhelming, a well-organized and clutter-free living space can be a breath of fresh air. That's exactly what House Organized, founded in 2020 by sisters Cris and Marisa, aims to provide to homeowners in Orange County and beyond. With a mission to bring stress-free organization into people's lives, House Organized has not only transformed physical spaces but also the well-being of their clients.
A Natural Calling to Organization
The story of House Organized began with a passion that ran deep within the founding sisters. Cris and Marisa's familial roots in organization set the stage for their journey. "It runs in our blood," Cris explains, emphasizing their innate skill for tidying up and creating efficient systems.
Strength in Sibling Dynamics
A unique aspect of House Organized is the fact that it's a company founded by siblings. This dynamic lends itself to a level of trust and understanding that is often unmatched. In an interview with VALIA Properties, Cris explained, "Unlike other companies, where they have to find outside people to trust, we are siblings so we know each other, we know our strengths, and we innately know what each other are thinking and what we’re targeting. It’s all just a natural process to us." This inherent synergy undoubtedly contributes to the company's success.
Tailoring Solutions for Each Client
One of the most impressive aspects of House Organized's approach is their commitment to tailoring solutions for each client. They understand that organization is specific to each individual, and that's why they invest time in getting to know their clients' needs intimately. "We don’t do one size fits all," Cris emphasizes. "We get to know our clients, starting with a phone conversation, then an in-home consultation. By the time we get to the client we’re very familiar with their goals, objectives, and pain points. We uniquely tailor our methodology to our client."
Transforming Lives, One Space at a Time
House Organized's impact goes beyond just decluttering physical spaces. Their success stories speak to the profound influence they've had on their clients' lives. Cris shared an anecdote of a family overwhelmed by mess and disarray. "The wife had so much stress and anxiety surrounding the mess to the point where she couldn’t function," Cris recalls. "When we finished she told us that it had totally changed her life." This narrative is a testament to the powerful effect that an organized space can have on an individual's mental and emotional well-being.
Building Meaningful Collaborations
Collaborations can often lead to innovative solutions, and House Organized understands the value of partnerships. Their collaboration with VALIA Properties is a prime example of how aligning values and treating clients with care can lead to a fruitful working relationship. "First and foremost, there has to be synergy," Cris explains. "But, more importantly, it’s all about sharing values as it relates to the treatment and approach of clients."
A Future of Growth and Impact
As House Organized looks ahead, their goals and aspirations reflect their commitment to making a lasting impact. Cris envisions steady and controlled growth, ensuring that quality is never compromised. "We want to continue to grow, at an even keel pace, not too quickly where we lose control of our quality," Cris affirms. Their ultimate question remains, "How do we expand, influence, and contribute to clients in making their lives less stressful, less chaotic, and more organized?" The potential avenues for growth, such as books or shows, are all geared towards this core mission of positively transforming lives through organization.
In a world where clutter can often lead to mental clutter, House Organized's philosophy and approach stand as a beacon of hope. Through their unique sibling dynamics, personalized strategies, and profound impact on clients' lives, they are redefining the concept of organization. As they continue to grow and evolve, one thing remains clear: House Organized is not just about tidying up spaces, it's about creating harmony and peace in the lives of those they touch.

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