Community Spotlight: Mother's Market

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Community Spotlight: Mother's Market

In the heart of Southern California, lies a true haven for health enthusiasts and eco-conscious individuals alike. Welcome to Mother's Market, a gem in the community that has been nourishing souls and promoting sustainable living for over four decades. Join us as we embark on a virtual journey through the aisles of Mother's Market and discover the magic it holds.
A Legacy of Health and Wellness:
Established in 1978, Mother's Market has become beloved in Southern California. It all started with a humble vision of providing wholesome, natural, and organic products to families in the region. Since then, Mother's Market has flourished into an expansive marketplace, offering a wide array of high-quality goods that meet the needs of conscious consumers.
A One-Stop Shop for Natural Living:
As you step into a Mother's Market store, you're greeted by a vibrant and inviting atmosphere that immediately puts you at ease. The aisles are lined with an impressive selection of organic and locally-sourced fruits and vegetables, artisanal cheeses, and a range of dietary options to accommodate diverse lifestyles. From gluten-free and vegan choices to ethically sourced meat and seafood, Mother's Market is committed to catering to the unique needs and preferences of its community.
At Mother's Market you can discover organic wines, carefully curated and not commonly found in your typical liquor stores. But that's not all – Mother's Market also boasts a refreshing juice bar that collaborates with health and wellness influencers each month. Together, they craft an exclusive smoothie blend available for just $5. What makes their juice bar truly exceptional is the option to handpick fresh produce from the store and have a skilled employee whip up a custom juice right for you.
The Wellness Oasis:
Mother's Market goes beyond being just a grocery store. It's a wellness oasis that encompasses the mind, body, and soul. Their wellness department features an extensive range of supplements, vitamins, herbs, and natural remedies, providing customers with resources to support their holistic well-being. Knowledgeable staff members are always on hand to guide and educate visitors, ensuring that they make informed choices about their health and wellness journeys.
Supporting Local Farmers and Artisans:
Mother's Market takes great pride in fostering a sense of community by partnering with local farmers and artisans. By prioritizing regional and sustainable sourcing, they contribute to reducing their carbon footprint while supporting the local economy. This commitment to responsible sourcing extends to every department, from the fresh produce section to the carefully curated bulk food section, where you can find everything from organic grains to indulgent treats.
A Commitment to the Environment:
At Mother's Market, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a way of life. The market is dedicated to reducing waste and has implemented several eco-friendly practices, such as offering reusable bags, encouraging bulk shopping to minimize packaging waste, and investing in energy-efficient technologies. Their dedication to the environment extends beyond the store as well, with partnerships and initiatives that promote environmental conservation and education.

Visit Corona del Mar’s local Mother’s Market location at 3049 East Coast Highway
Corona del Mar, CA 92625.

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