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In recent years, we have seen contemporary architecture gain a lot of popularity. Through the use of textures, metals, clean lines, and light, contemporary design continues to push boundaries which makes it a popular style of architecture for real estate developers. You’ll find contemporary homes throughout all of Corona del Mar.

2908 Ocean Blvd., Corona del Mar
LP $18,995,000 | 5 bd | 6 ba | 8,310 sqft.

4639 Gorham Drive, Corona del Mar
LP $17,995,000 | 5 bd | 6 ba | 8,154 sqft.


Timeless design and incorporation of 18th and 19th century European styles make-up traditional architecture. Layered in color and texture, traditional-styled homes bring a sense of history and glamor. You can find traditional homes throughout Corona del Mar.

429 Isabella Terrace, Corona del Mar
LP $7,800,000 | 4 bd | 6 ba | 6,887 sqft.

616 Orchid Ave., Corona del Mar
LP $3,800,000 | 4 bd | 3.5 ba | 3,339 sqft.

Eastern Seaboard

Eastern Seaboard combines elements of the East Coast, especially New England. White paneling with a dark roof is the most common sign of Eastern Seaboard design. Clean lines and open space makes this architectural style very popular for homeowners in Corona del Mar.

231 Driftwood Rd., Corona del Mar
LP $6,775,000 | 4 bd | 4.5 ba | 5,500 sqft.

324 Pirate Road, Newport Beach
LP $3,995,000 | 4 bd | 3.5 ba | 4,700 sqft.


Clean lines, graphic shapes, muted tones, vibrant colors, and integrating indoor and outdoor motifs are elements that make mid century design so unique. Typically one-story, mid-century homes have low and large footprints. Mid-century architecture can be found in the Cameo Shores neighborhood of Corona del Mar.

339 Cameo Shores, Corona del Mar
LP $4,500,000 | 4 bd | 3 ba | 2,282 sqft.

4639 Roxbury Rd., Corona del Mar
LP $6,750,000 | 5 bd | 5 ba | 4,005 sqft.


Very popular in Newport Coast, Pelican Point, and Crystal Cove, Mediterranean architecture is very easy to identify. Exposed beams and natural stone walls, tiled roofs, tall arches, and maximizing outside light are all elements of Mediterranean design.

26 Pelican Point, Newport Coast
LP $6,600,000 | 4 bd | 5.5 ba | 5,024 sqft.

4545 Gorham Dr., Corona del Mar
LP $3,495,000 | 4 bd | 4.5 ba | 3,500 sqft.

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod architecture influence is strong on the West Coast, especially in Newport Beach. Design elements include symmetrical front entryways, shingled siding, steep roofs, and double-hung windows with shutters. It is common to see Cape Cod architecture all around Corona del Mar, especially in the Village.

233 Morning Canyon, Corona del Mar
LP $6,495,000 | 4 bd | 4.5 ba | 5,400 sqft.

224 Heliotrope Ave., Corona del Mar
LP $3,395,000 | 4 bd | 3.5 ba | 3,100 sqft.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara architecture may also be described as California architecture. Stemming from Spanish colonial architecture, design elements include white stucco walls, exposed beams, red-tile roofs and floors, along with courtyards, sometimes with water features.

305 Poppy Ave., Corona del Mar
LP $4,124,050 | 3 bd | 4.5 ba | 2,974 sqft.

25 Montgomery, Newport Beach
LP $2,139,000 | 4 bd | 3 ba | 3,000 sqft.

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