Extravagant Yachts for Sale This Month

There’s nothing more impressive than witnessing a stunning yacht out at sea. At the highest level of luxury, yachts offer an astonishing array of high end features. Whether you’re actively looking to upgrade or simply browsing the listings, the world’s most expensive yachts for sale will offer inspiration. Who knows; maybe one of them will soon be yours.
Infinity - €185,000,000 ($213,281,135.00 US Dollars)
This large 104m luxury performance yacht accommodates up to 16 friends and 36 crew members. She moves up to 18kn and is for sale with Fraser in London.

Illusion Plus - $145,000,000
The opulent Illusion Plus puts the focus on impressive amenities, including a spa, two jacuzzis, a helipad, and gym. With stunning interior design and multiple socializing spaces, you’ll want to invite all 16 friends whom it accommodates. Inquire with Y.co in Fort Lauderdale about Illusion Plus.

Intensity - €138,000,000 ($159,096,198.00 US Dollars)
The elegantly designed Intensity is the result of a rich collaboration between multiple top designers and uses glass wrapping to create spacious interiors and sunlit views throughout. Bright indoor and outdoor spaces are perfect for entertaining.

Planet Nine - €85,000,000 ($97,994,035.00 US Dollars)
Top notch design and performance mean Planet Nine is suitable for around the world sailing, including through ice. Roomy interiors feature fresh, contemporary designs. She’s available for purchase with Admiral - The Italian Sea Group.

Martha Ann - $79,000,000
Martha Ann’s large, lavish interior is suitable for 18 friends and family members. With almost endless fuel storage capacities and a pool, theater, gym, and numerous outdoor spaces, you’ll want to stay in this classically designed yacht for months on end.

Silver Fast- €66,500,000 ($97,994,035.00 US Dollars)
Known as the aluminum motor yacht with the fastest motor, Silver Fast’s performance makes her ideal for going to smaller, shallow areas off-limits to most large yachts. Her design includes a magnificent winter garden with wraparound glass walls, beach club, and outdoor cinema. Learn more by contacting Burgess.

Anna I- €66,000,000 ($76,089,486.00 US Dollars)
Attractive comfort defines Anna I’s interiors, with elegant and Brazilian influenced design throughout. Your friends can stay in the seven guest cabins and enjoy features like an iPad controlled theater and a disco saloon. Inquire to learn about her with Burgess.

Sycara V - €59,500,000 ($68,595,824.50 US Dollars)
The recently repainted Sycara V combines a fresh new look with a sleek design filled with elegance. The roomy yacht holds up to 20 guests, making her ideal for socializing, and offers amenities like an elevator, massage room, and private and group decks. OCEAN independence is her sales broker.


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