LUXE Design Showroom: A Luxurious Haven in Corona del Mar

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Corona del Mar, a picturesque coastal enclave known for its stunning beaches and upscale lifestyle, is about to become even more luxurious. A new addition to the VALIA campus, the much-anticipated LUXE Design showroom is set to open its doors at 2700 East Coast Highway. This exciting addition promises to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the world of interior design in this charming California community.
Donna Johnson, LUXE Design is making a remarkable debut in Corona del Mar. With a career spanning over four decades, Donna has etched her name as a prominent figure in the luxury design arena. Her expertise extends to residential design, hotels, and resorts, making her a sought-after designer both in Las Vegas and Orange County.
Donna’s dedication to the art of design has culminated in the opening of the LUXE Design showroom. This marks a significant milestone in her illustrious career and offers a unique opportunity for those in the community to experience her exceptional design sensibilities firsthand.
What's even more exciting is that LUXE Design is not alone in this venture. Alongside Donna, other vendors will be showcasing their services and products in the showroom, providing a comprehensive array of options for those seeking to elevate their interior design. Here's a glimpse of some of the outstanding vendors participating:
DOCA: Known for its high-end Italian kitchen and cabinetry solutions, DOCA offers sleek and sophisticated designs that combine form and function seamlessly.
MOYA Living: MOYA Living specializes in crafting exquisite custom-made, handcrafted furnishings, adding a unique and personal touch to your home.
Reece Bath & Kitchen: A trusted name in the world of bathroom and kitchen fixtures, Reece Bath & Kitchen offers premium products that are as elegant as they are functional.
Richard Marshall: Renowned for its exquisite hardwood flooring, Richard Marshall combines craftsmanship with style to create timeless, beautiful floors.
Poyser Company: Poyser Company is an expert in custom metalwork, providing bespoke metal design solutions that add a touch of sophistication and unique character to your interiors.
Markowicz Fine Art: A showcase of exceptional fine art pieces that add character and charm to any living space, Markowicz Fine Art offers a curated selection of artworks from both established and emerging artists.
Oasis Smart Homes: Elevate your lifestyle with cutting-edge home automation solutions provided by Oasis Smart Homes, creating a seamless and convenient living experience.
The LUXE Design showroom promises to be a treasure trove of inspiration and possibilities for those looking to transform their living spaces into a dream come true. Whether you're an interior design enthusiast, a homeowner in search of a makeover, or a design professional seeking the finest resources, this showroom is sure to become a destination of choice in Corona del Mar.
As the showroom's grand opening draws near, anticipation is building in the community. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to delivering unmatched quality, LUXE Design and its esteemed partners are poised to redefine the concept of luxury interior design.

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