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Orange County, California, has a rich history of speakeasies. 

Today, speakeasies in Orange County are legal, but they still maintain their hidden and exclusive atmosphere. If you're looking for a unique and exciting night out, check out some of the local speakeasies.
  1. Pie Society Bar: Located in Costa Mesa, Pie Society Bar is a hidden gem that's worth seeking out. To find it, head to the back of Pie Society, a British-style pie shop, and look for the bookcase that opens up to reveal the bar. The intimate and cozy atmosphere, coupled with a wide selection of craft cocktails and small plates, make Pie Society Bar a must-visit.
  2. The Blind Rabbit: Located in Anaheim, The Blind Rabbit is a speakeasy that takes its secrecy seriously. To enter, you need to find the entrance behind a hidden door in the back of a pizza restaurant. Once inside, you'll find a dimly lit bar that serves up classic cocktails and modern creations.
  3. The Cellar: Located in Fullerton, The Cellar is an underground speakeasy that's been around since the 1960s. The bar is housed in the basement of a historic building and features an old-world atmosphere with brick walls, chandeliers, and cozy seating. The Cellar serves up a wide range of cocktails, wine, and beer, and also offers a full menu of French-inspired cuisine.
  4. The Exhibition Room: Located in Long Beach, The Exhibition Room is a prohibition-era bar that's modeled after a speakeasy from the 1920s. The bar features stand-up comedy nights and burlesque shows, as well as an extensive list of classic cocktails. The decor is inspired by the art deco style of the era, making The Exhibition Room a unique and immersive experience.
  5. Continental Room: Located in Fullerton, Continental Room is a sophisticated speakeasy that offers a high-end experience. To enter, you need to find the unmarked door and ring the bell. Once inside, you'll find a luxurious bar with leather seating, crystal glassware, and a menu of classic cocktails and rare spirits.
Orange County offers a range of unique and exciting speakeasies that are worth seeking out. Whether you're in the mood for classic cocktails, live music, or an intimate atmosphere, these hidden bars have something for everyone. Just remember, finding them is half the fun!

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