Pageant of the Masters: Everything You Need to Know


Art comes to life in Southern California at the annual Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach’s Pageant of the Masters

Living Legends

It’s not unusual for art to speak to us. It can be a difficult phenomenon to place, but the pull is undeniable when color, line, and perspective work together to stir up strong emotions in us. Sometimes, when the gravity of a piece pulls you, you might wish you could jump right in. Pageant of the Masters celebrates that irresistible desire to become art by doing exactly that. 

Since 1933, the Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach has presented a 90-minute art show where the pictures come to life. This tableaux vivant inserts real people directly into immaculately built backdrops to breathe new life into famous artworks right before your eyes. 

Time Travelers

This year’s theme calls on science fiction to propel viewers through time and space with The Time Machine. Inspired by Victorian writer H.G. Wells, audiences will experience artwork from around the world in the luxury of an outdoor amphitheater. 

Steampunk will heavily influence this year’s pageant. The literary and artistic subgenre imagines an alternate universe where prominent technology still relies on Victorian-style steam-powered machinery. Expect larger-than-life recreations, laugh-out-loud live narration that informs and entertains, and a full evening of artistic wonder. 

The Cogs of the Machine

You might be wondering what the magic is. How has this show been running for over 85 years, and how do they so accurately mimic such extravagant artwork? The pageant’s life force is its group of several hundred volunteers who begin preparation for the pageant as early as January each year. With intricate makeup and costuming to lights and orchestral accompaniment, the pageant is a well-oiled machine. 

The Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach is a nonprofit organization that works to promote art to the public in the hopes that it will be appreciated and studied. The pageant is a labor of love worth every ounce of hard work. 

Festivities for All 

You won’t want to miss out on this rich piece of Orange County history running until August 31st. Tickets are available for purchase now, and since the pageant caters to more than a quarter of a million people each year, you’ll want to get them while they’re available. Your Pageant of the Master's ticket additionally grants you summer-long access to the Festival of Arts Fine Art Show. Stop by early to drink and shop before the pageant begins. 

However, that’s not all the festival has to offer. Their mission to inspire participation with visual arts is achieved by sponsoring scholarships, maintaining a permanent, world-acclaimed art collection, and organizing weekly events. Between nightly live music and family day art activities, there is something for everyone. 

Even after the Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach’s Pageant of the Masters is over, Orange County remains a bustling hub of creativity. Explore Laguna Beach real estate today so you don’t miss a single exciting activity.


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