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Savor 2023 Newport Beach: Where Culinary Excellence Meets Philanthropy at the Newport Beach Country Club

Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable experience as Savor 2023 Newport Beach, a sensational culinary experience, unfolds against the stunning backdrop of the Newport Beach Country Club. This year's event promises a collection of fine cuisine and a noble purpose – supporting The Literacy Project.
The Literacy Project: Empowering Through Education
The Literacy Project empowers our most vulnerable children by imparting the precious gift of literacy, free of cost to both the child and the school. The founder of The Literacy Project, Sue Grant, established this organization a decade ago with a vision to transform lives through education. Savor Newport Beach is not just about indulgence; it's about creating opportunities for children to build a brighter future through education.
The Newport Beach Country Club: A Setting of Elegance
Located within the coastal beauty of Newport Beach, the Newport Beach Country Club is an iconic venue known for its timeless elegance and sprawling grounds. With its lush golf course, scenic landscapes, and luxurious amenities, it provides the perfect canvas for an event of this magnitude. Attendees of Savor 2023 Newport Beach will have the opportunity to dine in style while surrounded by the club's sophisticated ambiance.
Culinary Excellence: Chef Pascal Olhats at the Helm
Savor Newport Beach is known for its culinary prowess, and this year is no exception. Leading the charge is Chef Pascal Olhats, who will craft a "Napa-style" farm-to-table dinner that captures the essence of Newport Beach's gastronomic excellence. The locally sourced ingredients, expertly prepared, promise a culinary journey like no other.
Wine Experience: Monette & Steve Zotovich
Complementing the gourmet fare, Monette & Steve Zotovich from Zotovich Vineyard and Winery will curate an exceptional wine experience. Their carefully selected wines will elevate your dining experience.
Luxury Cars and Art Extravaganza
As you savor delectable dishes and premium wines, indulge in the allure of luxury cars presented by Nick Clemence of European Collectibles and Donny Gath of Ilusso. These stunning vehicles will captivate car enthusiasts and art aficionados alike. Furthermore, Georgeana Ireland's artistry, showcased at Ethos Gallery, will add a creative and cultural dimension to the event.
How to Participate and Give Back
Attending Savor 2023 Newport Beach is not only an opportunity to enjoy a memorable evening but also a chance to make a meaningful contribution to The Literacy Project. By participating in this event, you play a vital role in supporting literacy and education for children in need.
To secure your spot at this event, visit the Eventbrite page here. Check the event details for pricing options, timing, and additional information.

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