Neighborhood Spotlight: Shore Cliffs

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Shore Cliffs 

Welcome to Shore Cliffs, an idyllic neighborhood located between The Village and Cameo Shores in the coastal community of Corona del Mar, CA. VALIA Properties invites you to explore the exclusive enclave of Shore Cliffs, where luxury living harmoniously blends with the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Discover the charm, amenities, and lifestyle that make Shore Cliffs a highly sought-after destination for discerning homeowners.
Shore Cliffs in Corona del Mar, is a charming residential area featuring approximately 145 homes. What sets Shore Cliffs apart is its unique feature—a private beach exclusively reserved for the residents of Shore Cliffs. While it may not be a gated community, the allure of Shore Cliffs lies in its high desirability among homeowners seeking a slice of coastal paradise.
As you navigate through the picturesque, tree-lined streets of Shore Cliffs, you'll encounter names like Driftwood, Evening Canyon, Morning Canyon, Seaward, and Shorecliff. Each of these streets holds a hidden treasure within the prestigious neighborhood of Shore Cliffs in Corona del Mar.
In Shore Cliffs you can find an array of architectural styles, each adding its unique character to the community. From the stately traditional residences to the craftsman-style homes, and the Eastern seaboard designs, Shore Cliffs showcases a diverse range of architectural influences. In comparison to the rest of Corona del Mar, this neighborhood leans more towards a traditional aesthetic, preserving the rich heritage of architectural design. Amidst these streets, one can discover custom homes that seamlessly blend the grace of the past with modern updates, resulting in an ambiance of refined elegance. Furthermore, an exciting influx of new builds has been welcomed into Shore Cliffs, showcasing careful attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.
Beyond the beautifully renovated residences, Shore Cliffs embraces a coastal lifestyle that captures the essence of Corona del Mar. With its exceptional location, residents are treated to breathtaking ocean views and glimpses of Catalina Island on clear, sunny days. It's a place where residents can savor the beauty of the natural surroundings while enjoying the comforts of a truly bespoke home.
Shore Cliffs in Corona del Mar is a community that embodies the spirit of coastal luxury and timeless elegance. From its charming streets to the custom homes that have been thoughtfully updated to stand the test of time, every aspect of this neighborhood reflects the desire for a refined coastal lifestyle. Discover the allure of Shore Cliffs and experience the epitome of coastal living in Southern California.
VALIA Properties Current Listings in Shore Cliffs:
230 Morning Canyon Dr.
A few of VALIA Properties' Past Notable Listings in Shore Cliffs:
231 Driftwood Rd. 
256 Morning Canyon Dr.
266 Evening Canyon Dr.
302 Driftwood Rd.
239 Morning Canyon Dr.
318 Driftwood Rd.
236 Driftwood Rd.
310 Driftwood Rd.

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